BBC: Focus on Africa

BBC Interview with habeshaview

The BBC Focus on Africa program interviewed habeshaview’s Operational Director and co-founder Tigist Kebede. habeshaview is an African streaming platform and the first international distributor of Ethiopian films. In this interview Tigist explains what habeshaview shows and the question that everyone is curious about: Is this streaming service for Ethiopians only, or for everybody? Tigist also explains the importance of the habeshaview platform and how it supports homegrown creative talent. Listen to the BBC Focus on Africa about habeshaview here:

Focus on Africa is part of the BBC World Service. The program is broadcasted globally, bringing news from Africa and around the world. The BBC interview with Tigist on habeshaview was conducted in English.

Habeshaview operations director Tigist Kebede

Habeshaview business development executive Mekdes Feleke

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