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habeshaview provides a link to Ethiopia and its unique culture

habeshaview promotes the rich cultural heritage of Ethiopia – its history, traditions, socio-economic development, business environment, tourism and current affairs through movies, drama series, and tv programs. The habeshaview live streaming service connects diaspora communities around the world with Ethiopian entertainment and live channels. habeshaview has expanded its services to the home Ethiopian audience with variety and handpicked international entertainment through its IPTV service. Alongside its streaming platform, habeshaview also acquires and distributes original high quality content from the African continent to the international market. habeshaview was established in 2015.

The habeshaview’s distribution wing was established in 2015 alongside our streaming platform to acquire and provide the best quality African contents to international audience. 

habeshaview is an ethical company with strong link to the creative industry in Ethiopia and around the globe, making us the ideal partner to work with TV channels, content owners, producers and directors. 

Our philosophy and approach is based on the strong belief that success comes from partnering with our clients through the development of long-term relationships which are mutually beneficial.

habeshaview has developed advanced technology and user – friendly platform and apps to provide a premium viewing experience that includes live news channels, entertainment channels, audio channels, with a catch-up service and View on Demand (VOD) and        original content sourced from a wide variety of studios worldwide with Amharic, English, French and Arabic subtitle at an
accessible and affordable price.

Besides being a streaming service, habeshaview is also the first international film distributor currently for Ethiopian-made content, taking selected films to international festivals and theatrical releases in Europe and North America to
promote good quality and original Ethiopian films worldwide.

habeshaview has co-produced and building on this experience is in the process of commissioning further original content in collaboration with talented filmmakers from Ethiopia and in time to collaborate with the wider content creators in
the rest of the continent.

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